Amber Cook

Welcome! I'm Amber. I've worked in tabletop game publishing for almost ten years in sales, marketing, branding & art direction. I recently started working for Asmodee Digital to help bring some of my favorite board games to new fans on iOS, Android and PCs. I'm especially passionate about helping independent games find their way into more homes - Spot It! & Seven Wonders for everyone!

I've been playing games since my parents bought me the Strawberry Shortcake game for my dad's Atari when I was a toddler. I attended Mike Selinker's "100 Games You Absolutely, Positively Must Play" panel at PAX East in 2015 and counted 33 of his list of 100 games as ones I had played and my interest was piqued about the games I hadn't yet played but heard the audience cheer on. I spend a lot of time working around games but I'm always wanting to play more so I'm here working my way through the list as a way to try new things and blog about my experiences in gaming. At the start of the blog, I had never played an RPG nor had I played many video games since the original Nintendo. So here we go, thanks for stopping by!

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