Amber Cook

Welcome! I'm Amber. I've worked in tabletop game publishing for the last decade in brand strategy as well as licensing, marketing, digital gaming & sales. I'm passionate about beautiful design and helping independent games find their way on to more tables and promoting diversity in gaming. This blog is a personal project about my gaming experiences.

I've been playing games since my parents bought me the Strawberry Shortcake game for my dad's Atari when I was a toddler. I attended Mike Selinker's "100 Games You Absolutely, Positively Must Play" panel at PAX East in 2015 and counted 33 of his list of 100 games as ones I had played and my interest was piqued about the games I hadn't yet played but heard the audience cheer on. I spend a lot of time working around games but I'm always wanting to play more so I'm here working my way through the list as a way to try new things and blog about my experiences in gaming. At the start of the blog, I had never played an RPG nor had I played any video games since the original Nintendo. So here we go, thanks for stopping by!

The 100 Games Project logo is the work of the very talented Other Studio.