1. Dungeons & Dragons (Tabletop RPG)
  2. Vampire: The Masquerade (Tabletop RPG)
  3. Fiasco (Tabletop RPG)
  4. Mouse Guard (Tabletop RPG)
  5. How to Host a Murder (Tabletop RPG)
  6. Zork I (Electronic RPG)
  7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Electronic RPG)
  8. The Secret of Monkey Island (Electronic RPG)
  9. Final Fantasy VII (Electronic RPG)
  10. Diablo II (Electronic RPG)
  11. Mass Effect 2 (Electronic RPG)
  12. Journey (Electronic RPG)
  13. Depression Quest (Electronic RPG)
  14. Clue (Deduction Game) 
  15. Mastermind (Deduction Game) 
  16. Zendo (Deduction Game) 
  17. Werewolf/Mafia (Deduction Game) 
  18. The Resistance (Deduction Game) 
  19. Acquire (Tile Game)
  20. Twixt (Tile Game
  21. Catan (Tile Game)
  22. Carcassone (Tile Game)
  23. Betrayal at House on the Hill (Tile Game)
  24. Scrabble (Tabletop Puzzle Game)
  25. Boggle (Tabletop Puzzle Game)
  26. Can't Stop (Tabletop Puzzle Game)
  27. Set (Tabletop Puzzle Game)
  28. RoboRally (Tabletop Puzzle Game)
  29. Tetris (Electronic Puzzle Game)
  30. The Fool's Errand (Electronic Puzzle Game)
  31. Myst (Electronic Puzzle Game)
  32. You Don't Know Jack (Electronic Puzzle Game)
  33. Bejeweled (Electronic Puzzle Game)
  34. Threes (Electronic Puzzle Game)
  35. Portal (Electronic Puzzle Game)
  36. Scribblenauts (Electronic Puzzle Game)
  37. Super Mario Bros. 3 (Platformer)
  38. Lemmings (Platformer)
  39. Ico (Platformer)
  40. Katamari Damacy (Platformer)
  41. Lego Star Wars (Platformer)
  42. Braid (Platformer)
  43. Limbo (Platformer)
  44. Civilization (video game) (Simulator)
  45. SimCity 2000 (Simulator)
  46. StarCraft (Simulator)
  47. Madden NFL (Simulator)
  48. FarmVille (Simulator)
  49. Minecraft (Simulator)
  50. Uno (Traditional Card Game)
  51. Pit (Traditional Card Game)
  52. Tichu (Traditional Card Game)
  53. Bohnanza (Traditional Card Game)
  54. Fluxx (Traditional Card Game)
  55. Falling (Traditional Card Game)
  56. Citadels (Traditional Card Game)
  57. Gloom (Traditional Card Game)
  58. Love Letter (Traditional Card Game)
  59. Magic: The Gathering (Deck Construction Game)
  60. Ascension (Deck Construction Game)
  61. Dominion (Deck Construction Game)
  62. Killer Bunnies (Deck Construction Game)
  63. 7 Wonders (Deck Construction Game)
  64. Smash Up (Deck Construction Game)
  65. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (Deck Construction Game)
  66. Mario Kart 64 (Electronic Action Game)
  67. Halo (Electronic Action Game)
  68. BattleTech Pods (Electronic Action Game)
  69. Plants vs. Zombies (Electronic Action Game)
  70. TowerFall (Electronic Action Game)
  71. You Have to Burn the Rope (Electronic Action Game)
  72. Dance Dance Revolution (Rhythm Game)
  73. Rock Band (Rhythm Game)
  74. Parappa the Rapper (Rhythm Game)
  75. Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator (Rhythm Game)
  76. Johann Sebastian Joust (Rhythm Game)
  77. Talisman (Strategy Board Game)
  78. Puerto Rico (Strategy Board Game)
  79. Ticket to Ride (Strategy Board Game)
  80. Pandemic (Strategy Board Game)
  81. Tokaido (Strategy Board Game)
  82. Lords of Waterdeep (Strategy Board Game)
  83. Stratego (Tabletop Wargame)
  84. Ogre (Tabletop Wargame)
  85. Axis & Allies (Tabletop Wargame)
  86. Diplomacy (Tabletop Wargame)
  87. HeroClix (Tabletop Wargame)
  88. Risk Legacy (Tabletop Wargame)
  89. Grand Theft Auto (Open World Videogame)
  90. Assassin's Creed (Open World Videogame)
  91. World of Warcraft (Open World Videogame)
  92. Second Life (Open World Videogame)
  93. Ingress (Open World Videogame)
  94. Time's Up (Creative Tabletop Game)
  95. Cards Against Humanity (Creative Tabletop Game)
  96. Dixit (Creative Tabletop Game)
  97. 1000 Blank White Cards (Creative Tabletop Game)
  98. The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Creative Tabletop Game)
  99. The Game 
  100. A game you designed yourself